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The longline fishing industry could soon kill twice as many endangered sea turtles in their pursuit of profitable fish…putting these turtles’ very survival at risk. Help us fight back in court to protect endangered sea turtles and other marine life by making an emergency gift today.

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Our national forests are at risk (Ted Zukoski)
Help us use the power of the law to protect endangered species and promote a healthy ocean ecosystem.
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Dear fellow americans,

Our ocean’s largest sea turtles could soon be extinct.

In October, the National Marine Fisheries Service ruled that Hawaiʻi‘s longline swordfish industry could double the number of endangered loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles killed—putting the turtles’ very survival at risk.

Earlier this month, Earthjustice’s Hawaiʻi office filed a lawsuit challenging this deadly rule, but we need your urgent tax-deductible gift to see this critical battle through.

An insatiable demand for seafood is driving unsustainable practices in our oceans. The longline fishing industry irresponsibly spreads its 60-mile-long wall of deadly hooks without regard for sea turtles, dolphins and seabirds that get hooked on the fishing gear and drown.

This case is just one of the many cases Earthjustice is working on to promote a healthy ocean ecosystem.

We have fought in court for ocean and sea turtle protections in the past—and won—and with your help we will do so yet again.

Make an urgent gift today to help us protect these magnificent species and hold the longline fishing industry accountable to the law.

Earthjustice is committed to taking on some of the biggest fights of our time to stop unsustainable fishing practices and limit the growing stressors on our oceans including:

•   Fighting water pollution and runoff, and stopping our oceans from being a dumping ground for humanity’s waste.

•   Protecting biodiversity and endangered species like orcas and humpback whales, polar bears, walrus, false killer whales, the Hawaiian monk seal and other marine species.

•   Preventing overfishing and habitat loss from harmful and unsustainable fishing practices.

•   And fighting climate change that is raising seas levels, warming and acidifying our oceans and bleaching coral reefs across the globe that act as biodiversity hotspots for thousands of fish species and other marine life.

Our oceans and the species that live in them—like sea turtles—are facing increasing threats and stress. Earthjustice is using the power of the law to fight back for a healthy and more resilient ocean, but we can’t win without you.

Please give now to help us protect our ocean species and ecosystem…before it’s too late.

Thank you for all that you do,

Trip Van Noppen Picture Trip Van Noppen Signature

Trip Van Noppen
President, Earthjustice

P.S. An insatiable demand for seafood and a warming climate are putting our ocean ecosystems under immense pressure. Help us fight in court to protect endangered sea turtles, and other marine animals, and promote a healthy ocean ecosystem.

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